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15 Useful Tools For Twitter Lovers

Twitter… Does it require any introduction? Obviously No! Twitter is a place where you can have fun and share information with your friends, colleagues, relatives, co-workers and powerfully spread this information as much as possible. To make twitting experience more enjoyable we have collected some terrific twitter tools. Just take a look at them and share your thought here.
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Create a Cute Twitter Bird Icon in Photoshop

Today, we will demonstrate how to create a cute Twitter bird icon in Photoshop. Let’s get started! In a new PSD file of 800×600 pixels, 72 dpi, RGB color and white background, we will draw a circular shape layer, color #0099FF. By pressing Shift you can create a perfect circle no matter in which direction you drag your mouse.
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10 Must Have Tools For Twitter Users

Twitter is one of the fastest growing sites on internet today. Today its fan base is around around 100 million all over the world. It is the most popular micro blogging site on the internet. Today i will be telling you 10 Famous and Must Have Tools For Twitter Users that will help you to manage your twitter account more effectively and efficiently.
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Top 10 Tools To Manage Your Twitter Followers

FlashTweet is a mass follow tool that simplifies the process of adding your twitter friends. You can see who you are following that is following you back, mass follow users based on search terms and even unfollow multiple friends at once.

Enjoy !!
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10 Tips To Drive Twitter Traffic To Your Blog

Do you wanna drive Twitter traffic to your blog like it’s 5pm in Los Angeles? Okay, I understand this post is not for everybody. I wanted to write it anyway because I’ve had a few people ask about my own experience, so I decided to share some of the things I do.

Twitter can become your blog’s best friend when it comes to traffic. I’m not suggesting that you use it for that purpose only but, if you run a blog and feel like you could be getting a little more love from it, perhaps you should adjust your strategy and integrate some of these tips.

There are some basics that we are going to skip, like having a good descriptive bio, link to your blog, take advantage of the real estate on the background, etc.
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5 Ways to Use Twitter if You Hate Social Media

Using Twitter doesn’t mean you have to love social media. In fact, you can hate it. I know I’m one of the least social-networking people out there. Heck, I’ve never even had a Facebook account. But Twitter isn’t all-or-nothing. I use Twitter for reasons that benefit me. And so can you, without having to share your updates or what you’re up to, connect with people virtually, and all that other social-networking nonsense. Here are 5 ways to use Twitter if you hate social media:
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50 Amazing Twitter Services That You Do Not Want To Miss

Twitter  is both a micro-blogging platform and a social networking service that every webmaster uses today. The service has developed rapidly and been becoming an integral part of our life.

Together with the growth of Twitter, there are many tools and services developed overtime and in this article, I want to show you the most popular Twitter tools that will help you becoming a social networking guru.
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Top 20 Twitter Applications and Mashups

Most of the times, simple brilliant ideas come with big opportunities. This is also the case of Twitter. When it came out , Twitter was seen as a simple, primitive way of communicating, but, in time, people found different ways to use it: from chatting to playing games, and so on. Fortunately, Twitter has developed an API so that anyone can build applications that use Twitter data in real time. Therefore, many interesting web mashups have been build and we’ve dedicated this article to some of the most useful and cool ones we could find online at the moment. First of all, we should explain the term: a web mashup is a web application that takes information from one or more sources (in this case Twitter with maybe other big sites like Google Maps or Flicker) and presents it in a new way or with a unique layout. Some quite interesting results can come out of this combination.
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New twitter Version is Live

Twitter has announced that it is releasing the new version of its web interface. I Just saw the new notice on our one of the twitter accounts. I hope many of you also received that message. When you login to your twitter account, you will see one new message at the top about to try new version of twitter.
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6 Ways to Increase Your Visibility on Twitter

I’ve found that one of the fastest ways of getting your name out there is to use Twitter. Without it, I think I’d still be struggling to find work and other freelancers who I’ve come to depend on for sharing work.

I know some of you are still skeptics as to how social media can do anything for your business.

I assure you the few minutes spent on Twitter throughout the day are well worth it. Thanks to the site, I’ve been able to get my personal blog read, which lead to lots of paid guest writing positions, I’ve gained several clients who’ve heard of me on Twitter, as well as several other freelancers who share work with me.
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