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30 Icon Packs For Web Designers (That Don’t Suck!)

Great Web Icons are a vital piece of any web designer’s bag of tricks… and while becoming a master icon designer can take years of practice, the good news is that there are a lot of designers that love to create high quality icon packs and share them with the design community. Today we’re going to show off some of the beautiful and breath-stopping icon packs that you can use in your own designs. Oh, and these won’t suck… there’s a good chance you’ll even use a few of them!
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28 Beautiful Button and Icon Sets to Improve Your Designs

An icon is an image, picture, or representation; it is a sign or likeness that stands for an object by signifying or representing it. Most of the icons, stand as freebies, that’s why there isn’t any need to spend huge amounts of money for beautiful and modern icons. Today, we present a compilation of free, beautiful and clean set of icons. Some of them are free for using in commercial projects, some of them are not, that’s why you should carefully read the licenses offered by their respective authors.
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50+ Useful Icon Sets for E-commerce Designs

The moment we think of E-Commerce, the next thought would be of the payment options and the hassles met at times. Even though this is the scenario most of the businesses are switching to online trading or e-commerce which has become indispensable. But most of the times we find this online transaction quite confusing, time taking and involving lot of procedures which do create a slight fear in us. The icons are often repetitive because of the factor that they should not confuse us and give us a standard picture for transactions, but now designers have taken an initiative to come out of this tradition and present with simple and easy-to-understand icon sets for e-commerce websites.
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40 Beautiful Emoticons and Smiley Icon Packs

Emoticons are emotional icons  which is massively use in e-mail, chat, text messages and other forms of communication to dramatize the plain and uninteresting text. It is amazing that an icon can send across your emotions to another, loud and clear. We use emoticons to express how we feel when we are writing but in a better, precise and much more fun way. The exaggerated emotion of an emoticon can easily affect you and they can be pleasant or likewise. For example, some can annoy the bits out of you but hey, they are still miles away from making you bored.
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30+ Fresh Icon Sets for Web Designers and Developers

Overlooking the importance of icons in web designing is a noobish activity as they not only enhance the elegance of website but they also make it more user-friendly providing easy navigation through different content of a website. Finding free high-quality icons from sea of icon resources available is very difficult and time consuming task but don’t worry, as today we have collected 35 fresh free icon sets for designers and developers and tried to save you some time.
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25 Free Pictogram and Symbols Sign Icon Sets

In this article we feature 25 multi-purpose pictogram and symbol sign icon sets that have all been stripped down to their bare essentials and presented in there simplest form and all ready for use.

All of these icons are multi-purpose, meaning you could either use them within web design (the main focus of the round-up), poster design, logo design, banners… anything you want. They are flexible, meaning you can re-size them from 8x8px to whatever you size need. They are (mostly) editable, with each set you will either find the EPS, AI, PSD or editable PNG source files. And the sets are also very abundant, with some sets offering well over 100 icons.
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Ultimate Collection of Social Media Icons

Social media integration has become an important part of modern web design. And icons are one of the most useful methods of adding social media links to your site, whether you want to add only a service or two or dozens. In this post we’ve collected over 100 of the best free social media icon sets available. Although we’re sure you’ve seen many of these before, we’re also pretty sure that you’ll discover some great new sets here that you can use..
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75+ Free High Quality Icons

We all love to decorate our computers and websites with beautiful icons. Nowadays you can find all kinds of high quality icons all over the web. I love to showcase the hard work of these talented designers and today I would like to present 75+ Beautiful Free Icon which you can use for your web designs or your desktop. If I missed some beautiful icons then let me know.
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A Collection of Free Facebook Icons

Social networking is one of the most popular way of meeting new people and interacting with the society today. One of these social networking sites includes Facebook which incidentally is the most viewed site in the web. Bloggers have turned to Facebook in either advertising, expressing ideas and showcasing their many works for the world to see.

In this next post, we have came up with a collection of cool facebook-themed icons that you can download for free and utilize as you please. This will be a cool add-on to your blogs and websites and will surely encourage viewers and followers to log in and follow to your Fan Page and facebook account. Have fun!!!
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15 High Quality iPhone Icon Sets For Free Download

Iphone is one of the best designed technology devices. And even the software and the icon designs are really beautiful. To give you some exemples how a good designed iphone icon looks like, i have collected 15 iPhone icon sets Iphone is one of the best designed technology devices. And even the software and the icon designs are really beautiful. To give you some exemples how a good designed iphone icon looks like, i have collected 15 iPhone icon sets
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18 Most Professional Social Bookmarking Icon Sets

Social Bookmarking icons have become increasingly popular, with a huge increase in the number of blogs and websites using social bookmarking accounts.

However, with so many icon sets around it can be really hard to find a truly professional one. Luckily, we’ve narrowed it down for you. Whilst many roundups post hundreds of icon sets, many of which are very average, we’ve compiled our all time favorites. This list of icon packs should be incredibly useful to the bloggers amongst our audience.
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