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20 Cool Social Media Infographics to Show The Power Of Sharing

Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge. These graphics present complex information quickly and clearly, such as in signs, maps, journalism, technical writing, and education.You can find many mnay interesting infographic about anything but today i want to showcase the infographics about social media and internet.Please click the graphics to see the largest size.
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50 Insanely Creative Examples of Single Page Websites

Single page layout or website is growing a trend in IT world this 2010. Web designs are really crucial now a days because of the element needed to produce a great website. With single page website, you’re putting your creativity, content and everything in just one place. Simplicity , creative yet flexibility of the design is being offered. In this article, I’ll be featuring most beautiful single page website inspired.
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15 Envious Home Computer Setups

Today we have an awesome roundup that will make you jealous, or not. We have found some of the best workstation setups. The setups include more computer power, monitors, and bunch of cool accessories. These are some of the most outrageous setups i have ever seen! There is thousands if not more dollars invested here. I don’t know about you, but these really make me want to build my dream workstation. Then again with all those toys its very easy to get distracted. Thats the reason i stay with a minimal setup.

Please note that all of the workstations were collected from is a blog featuring computer case mods, desk mods, and multi-display setups. Without further a due, please check out the following setups. All the images have been resized, to see the original just click the image.
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45 Amazing Car Print Ads Around The World

Print Ads are an effective adverting medium in the offline world. Maybe its a newspapers, magazines ads or billboard ads they reach large number of audience. Designing a print ads to represent a product or services is a challenging task for any designer as they have limited space to deliver their message effectively & clearly, so that the audience are converted into customers.

Representing cars features & specification on televisions is easy then representing through print media. So here I have shared 45 amazing car print ads created by various designers around the world for inspiration. These ads shows how combination of typography, photography, creativity & simplicity are used to represent & deliver the messages efficiently to the audiences.
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Unusual and Artistic Designs of a Computer Mouse

A computer mouse is an important component of a computer used to control the movement of the cursor on the screen’s display. It is a small tracking device being pushed across the surface of a desk to select text, activate programs or move any items in the screen by just clicking and dragging one of the buttons. This computer tool became widely used when Apple Computer made it a standard part of the Apple Macintosh. Because of its physical appearance, having a cord attached to the rear part of the device, it was named after the rodent mouse. In these modern days, technological manufacturers and product designers are trying to upgrade the physical form of the computer mouse. New ideas are continuously being developed like changing the number of buttons of a computer.
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80+ Creative & Unique Business Cards

If you are looking for an unique way to brand your business card, then you’ve got to check this post. I’ve collected over 80 creative and unique business cards from different types of business. Some of them are visually appealling, some have fancy die cut, some are edible, and some are just crazy. The examples in this post proves that business cards don’t have to be printed on card stock in standard size. Business cards can be done on any material in any form.
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90 Beautiful Book Cover Design in Different Style

It says that “A picture says a thousand words” like in a book cover. Book cover is one element that usually caught the attention of the readers. Without reading the entire book, you could able to get the concept of the story by looking at the book cover design.

In this post, I’ll compiled a list of beautiful book cover design in different style such as photo-based, typographic, and black & white.Hope it will inspire you in creating your own book cover.
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50 Great Typography Artworks in Print Ads

Images alone are usually not enough for a print ad that is featured on a billboard or in a magazine or other publication. Usually, some text is required to communicate the message, or at least to illustrate the company’s mission and brand image. However, instead of putting boring text with an overused font, many designers elect to find more creative ways to integrate typography into their artworks.

In this post, you’ll find 50 great typographic artworks as a part of print advertisements that will get you inspired and hopefully give you ideas for your own future design projects. Either way, these print ads are all really cool.
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Even More Business Cards to Inspire You

We really love creative business cards, as they are interesting to study as a topic in design and also provide some great inspiration in creativity, typography and creative media. We’ve published a few business card roundups in the past weeks, but we have even more awesome business cards to share.

So, here for your inspiration, are even more business cards to get you amped up for your next design project.

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45 Good Looking Slideshows in Web Design

The use of sliders in web design has become more and more popular and is definitely a trend these days. Everyone has a faster connection, better browsers and better software compared to just a few years back. This has allowed web designers to use more fancy looking elements in their designs.
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Feeling Uninspired? 6 Best Ways To Find Inspiration

Creating a list, writing a tutorial, discussing things, designing a logo, painting, or sculpting, no matter what form of art you wish to create it is, often, difficult to begin. Writers and designers may sit for several hours waiting for inspiration to kick in but unfortunately it does not come. Fortunately we are built to continue on learning, inherently we are beings capable of finding our own ways to survive in the trade we are into.

Below are easy steps that you can do to find or boost your morale towards anything you wish to do in life. Easy, yet takes courage to deal with; mind you that what is to follow are things of longterm effect. Get out of your comfort zone and start finding out where that shy inspiration went to.
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