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How to Guarantee a Thriving Freelance Design Business

If you are a freelancer, or work from your home on self-employed basis, you will come across many people who think that you do not work at all. Basically, freelancing, especially in the field of graphic designing, is a new ‘in-thing’ in professional field. This new and prevailing trend has become very famous among professionals of the world and every other day more and more people are switching from salaried individuals to freelancers. Use your best designs for your own business cards, postcards and website. These are items that will be viewed by potential clients…
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10 ways NOT to become a Workaholic – Graphic Designers chill factor!

Anything done in extreme is harmful, even if it’s something that you love doing. Generally, graphic designers are seen working incessantly on graphic design projects without any breaks. But the question is how to know if you are being efficient or a workaholic? It’s easy…you’ll know you’ve turned into a workaholic when you wake up in front of a monitor.
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Tips for Landing your first Freelance Design Job

The field of web design has grown in huge proportions over the years. Kids in high school or even younger are starting to master basic HTML and CSS techniques to build their own websites. This is in no small part accountable because of how easy it is to master and develop these skills, and this is especially the case with so much information freely available through the Internet.
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Getting Ready for Your Job Interview

As web designers and/or developers we have a certain luxury afforded to us with the location and times; where and when we work. Ours is an industry that allows us to sit at home and work at whatever times (and in whatever conditions) are convenient to us. However, in today’s economic times it can be harder to find enough contract work to support a comfortable lifestyle.

If you’re a recent college graduate or a freelancer looking to transition into work as a full-time designer/developer at a company, the following tips in today’s post will help you ace the interview and land the job. Note that a lot of the tips listed below are for larger scale companies. Whether small or large scale, most companies tend to interview in a more “standard” method — so we’ll stick to exactly those kind of guidelines.
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Accountability Groups for Freelancers & Its Advantages

“Freelancer” – a title very self explanatory. You wouldn’t need a dictionary to understand what it means. Being such,

you work on the comfort of your own home & time. No one is the boss of you – just yourself. But let’s face it, two heads

or more is always better than one. Getting ideas and opinions from other people always helps much. Especially working

in the industry where impressions always matter, Working alone can get very exhausting and lonely. You may come to

a point that you just black out and run out of ideas. Build a group to help you on your struggles.
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4 Things to do Before Your Interview for a Creative Job

Normal and Creative Resumes – Your resume should catch the eye of the interviewer.  It can be your skills in photoshop, css coding, or maybe where you went to school. Use your resume as a test.  Ask yourself the questions you think the interviewer will ask.  Sometimes, it’s best to look at your resume and the job description.  It provides information about the company’s  needs and can be very advantageous for you to know before your interview.
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How to Keep Your Clients on Board for a Long Time

Working as a freelance designer is not at all an easy task. Apparently, it may look very convenient and attractive to some people but once you get into freelancing, you realize how difficult it is. Yes, you do have a lot of advantages of being a freelancer but at the same time there are few disadvantages associated to it as well. The most difficult thing about being a freelancer is business uncertainty. Freelancers have to look for clients and work constantly in order to keep their wallet happy.
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Tips to Finding More Clientele Quickly

In the freelancing industry, we often find ourselves at the top with so many potential clients requesting us rather than the other way around. However, there is also many times where we find ourselves in a struggle to pay our bills at the end of the month. In such situations, we usually tend to contract with anyone who we can nab. With that all said, we discuss several key points or strategies to be able to quickly find contracts and begin working again.
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5 Ways You Can Improve Your Freelancing Work and Life with Minimalism

Want a simple way to improve your freelancing work and life? To have fewer headaches, more fun, more effective and purposeful work with your clients and projects, more freedom, and more time to do what you want? Seems too good to be true? It’s not: you can improve your freelancing work and life with minimalism. It’s not a magic pill, of course – such a thing doesn’t exist. You’ll need to put some initial effort in to tweak the way you’ve been used to doing things. But the payoff is that minimalism does simplify and improve your freelancing work and life.
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Tips and Tricks for Freelance Graphic Designers

Freelance graphic designing is an enjoyable professional field that allows you to work with freedom and much relaxation. However, managing your freelance operations is a hell of hard work that most of us do not learn until a very long time. Freelancing has its particular pros and cons that depend a lot on the freelance designer himself. There are many risks involved in freelancing business, which, however can be dealt with.

Either you are new to the business of freelancing, have switched from a salaried job to a freelance profession or are working in the field from quite some time, following are some tips and ‘tricks of the trade’ that, when followed, might help you catapult your freelance graphic designing to success.
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How to Manage People Effectively

So, maybe you thought that when you became a freelancer you wouldn’t have to deal with people any more. After all, freelancing from home and being self-employed means that you’re the only person you’ll ever have to deal with. Right? Wrong! If anything, the ability to deal with people is even more important to a freelancer than it is to a traditional employee.
Your freelancing business is actually all about people. If you think about it, dealing with the people who are your clients and prospective clients is vital to your freelancing success.
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