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45 Free and High Quality CSS/XHTML Business Website Templates

You know the first step of a website template is the designing process and that is all depending on your creativity.However,the second step is much more harder,you have to understand coding very well in order to make the template design suitable for browsers,users and make it ready to become live.Many years ago it was hard to find free css/xhtml coded ready website templates but as the years passed many dsigners and coders came to scene and they share many free ready templates.Today we’ve collected business website templates which are all free,however,it will be good to check out the licenses again.
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25 Fresh HTML/CSS Web Template for Free Download

Today we’re going to share some Free Website Templates. Please read on and you’ll learn why you may need them. The best thing about Website Templates is that they allow you to build nice-looking websites and blogs. Also, these designs are easy to modify. Once you replace the default content with your own one, your future website will look exactly the way you want it. We request you to not remove the footer links. After all, it’s a great way to thank designers for their creativity and motivate them to create new freebies.
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Top 10 FREE Creative Business Card Templates

The average company present themselves with black and white, laminated, boring business cards that in-return only serve one purpose, and that’s to inform contact details. But, kind to the eye design can build trust and provide professionalism prior to any physical contact, which is fantastic for any business! So for you business peoples out there that have just stumbled into the land of design. Ill make it easy for you and bring these FREE awesome business card templates to your very eyes with direct links to download. Also, for you lazy designers, enjoy ..
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The Ultimate Collection of 100 Free CSS/HTML Templates

We have covered several tutorials for designing and coding your own website. I didn’t want to leave those out who have no desire to do such things so I thought I would provide a roundup of the nicest CSS/HTML templates I could find. These awesome website themes do not require any designing or coding, simply enter your own website content and just like that you have a great website. If nothing else, use one to put your bosses kid to shame (he deserves it for that site he built with the 10 minute Flash intro and under construction graphics). So on to the amazing and free templates.
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50 Beautiful Free HTML/CSS Web Template

On internet you can find lots of free templates. But all are not good quality. Here I share some Free high quality HTML/CSS template to save your time. Click on any image of your choice and download it.

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40 Free High-Quality Flash Web Templates

Do you like a style template with flash? Of course you love it, this is because some things, such as your website looks more animate, interesting, and also seem more professional. There are so many flash templates that you can get on the Internet, both free  and paid. Which one wills you choice? And if you’re interested in trying some kind of template, there are a few examples of flash templates for you, and it’s free.
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50 Free CSS/(X)HTML Templates

Design templates help build an identity for any particular website. Since the techniques are changing very rapidly within the industry, one must be updated all the time. Many designers download the pre-built CSS templates to explore more. At many stages, designers seek help in the form of inspiration that would help them get back to their creativity track. Or they just want to learn a thing or two about the structure of web-sites and build their own projects on top of “bulletproof” templates.

To keep you moving throughout your creative adventure, we have gathered some cool and absolutely Free CSS and XHTML Web Layouts. You can download and use them for your own personal and/or commercial use. Please read the license agreements carefully before using the templates; the licenses can change from time to time. Feel free to express yourself in a new style and… do not forget to share your opinion with us in the comment section below!
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20 Awesome PSD Web Templates For Business

Here I have listed 20 Free Awesome PSD business web templates to download, hope you like the download list, also be aware about license terms and agreements before you put them in use. This is a light purple color website design with a completely slick and creative edge. The PSD template is designed for corporate and business websites.
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20 Beautiful Free XHTML/CSS Templates

Good news for those wanting to build a new blog or website. Today we’ll feature really beautiful Website Templates that are available for FREE. But first, let’s learn about website templates and why you may need them.

A Website Template is a set of files that work together to produce a manageable website design. When you see a template you know how your future website will look like. At the same time, each template is easy to edit to suit your requirements.
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10 Free CSS and HTML Admin and Backend Templates

As every developer will know, finding a high quality and flexible admin template can be very, very difficult. So, if you are looking for a free and easy to customize template that is suitable for either your CMSes backend or for the cool new app you are developing, then you will certainly find them in this post.
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